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Toronto is famous for its high concentration of top Chinese food restaurants, which offer exquisite dishes. The reputation of some of Toronto’s restaurants is exceptional, and there is no doubt that Toronto offers some of the best Chinese food in the world outside China. The best Chinese restaurants in downtown Toronto are located in three areas: the original Chinatown on Dundas, the largest Chinatown on Spadina, and East Chinatown at Broadview and Gerrard.

Chinese Food Toronto Asian Legend

Asian Legend is situated right in the heart of Torontoīs busy Chinatown on Dundas Street. It’s hard to believe that this elegant, modern and expanding chain of restaurants emerged from a small and humble establishment visited only by locals. The quality of the traditional Northern Chinese cuisine served in Asian Legend is outstanding. This restaurantīs menu offers a huge variety of meals so that everyone will be satisfied. If you enjoy hotter dishes, you shouldn’t miss the restaurantīs speciality: steamed soup dumpling filled with pork, sometimes referred to as “dragon dumplings“ in China. The word “dragon“ is in this case a proper indicator of how hot this meal is. Asian Legend serves quality food for reasonable prices; however, do not expect deluxe service.

Chinese Food Toronto Mothers Dumplings

This small, hidden restaurant near Dundas and Huron is a true gem. The simple decorations and menu in Motherīs Dumplings leave more space for their excellent, home-made food to shine. Everything here is fresh and made by hand. This restaurant definitely serves Toronto's best steamed dumplings and soupy noodles. The biggest advantage of Motherīs Dumplings is its friendly and homey atmosphere.

Chinese Food Toronto Lee Garden

Lee Garden is one of the longest-running Chinese Food restaurants in Toronto that maintains its high quality and high number of visitors. This restaurantīs most esteemed feature is its wide menu, which changes repeatedly so that different fresh, seasonal ingredients can be used. Another speciality of Lee Garden is a red bean soup dessert that is free-of-charge if you know how to ask for it. If you’re looking for a late evening dinner, Lee Garden is definitely the place for you.

Chinese Food Toronto Pearl

The last but not least - Pearl. Pearl serves the best Chinese food in the city. It’s more expensive than your typical neighbourhood place, but the delicious high end versions of normal dishes are well worth the extra cost.

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